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6 Pack: Noway Collagen Bar


Made by the heroes at ATP Science

ATP Science have done it again, taking the protein bar category to an all time high with the Noway Collagen Bar. The protein source within Noway Collagen Bars itself is second to none - using the premium Noway Bodybalance Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides - a protein that your body will be able to utilise faster and better than ever before. Beyond that, each and every beautifully convenient bar is chocked full of the best macros we have seen to date - high in protein, and low in every thing else, whilst still tasting so good you’d believe you were truly on the steps of heaven. Noway Collagen Bars. Unbeatable.

  • High protein content, helps to fuel your body and training for optimised muscle and strength
  • Perfectly formulated to help keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • Completely natural, and 100% free from added sugar, artificial flavours and colours, dairy, lactose, and gluten
  • Available in 3 luxury flavours, each of which has the best texture we’ve seen of a protein bar!

Creating a top notch protein bar is truly a hard task to master. As we have seen, and you’ve probably tasted, many companies have certainly tried and failed. They’re either too chewy, too sweet, too hard, don’t taste great, don’t feel great, weigh you down or make you bloat. But, for the busy and on-the-go person, protein bars are a gift from above, and we are so glad the quest to create the perfect protein bar has continued over time. Because it led to ATP Science finally nailing it.

Noway Collagen Bars, ATP Science’s latest released creation, are protein bars created with the signature Noway BodyBalance Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides. If you loved the protein, you’ll love the bars. And if you didn’t love the protein, you’re about to.

Noway BodyBalance Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides were made very specifically and scientifically to ensure they are bioactive - meaning that once it enters out digestive system, no further digestion is needed. Immediately, the entire intact peptide is absorbed and functional. Therefore, not only is the protein absorbed in an ultra rapid time frame, but it is also better utilised - with a significantly higher concentration of the available amino acids being used by the body and carrying out their intended effects. For this reason,  Noway has proved time after time to provide the best increase in muscle power, muscle gain and fat loss, energy supply and rebuilding of structures within the body. As we like to say, Noway Collagen Bar a day, and you’ll build muscle to stay.

There's a few other key factors about the protein within Noway Collagen Bars that we love. First of all, hydrolysed bovine collagen is not derived from milk, and therefore those suffering from lactose or dairy intolerances have a high quality protein alternative. It is also significantly easier digested - making it a very gut friendly alternative.

And the goodness within Noway Collagen Bars doesn’t stop at the protein source. In addition, each Noway Collagen Bar contain a dose of Coconut Milk Powder and MCT oil - two natural superfoods and energising ingredients. When combined with the Noway protein, your body is fuelled to feel fuller and more energised for longer. Unlike many bars that tend to ‘weigh you down’, Noway Collagen Bar will pick you up!

Best of all, ATP Science went to lengths to ensure that every ingredient within Noway Collagen Bars is meant to be there - only the most natural and healthy of ingredients. Noway Collagen Bars are 100% free from all artificial ingredients - including any added sugars, and any added artificial flavours and colours.

Noway Collagen Bars come in 3 absolutely drool-worthy flavours:

  • Banana Caramel Pie
  • Coconut Brownie
  • Lemon Curd

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