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Adrenal RX

$89.95 $68.95

Made by the heroes at ATP Science

If you’ve ever met someone who has tried Adrenal RX we are willing to put money on the line that they told you good things. As ATP Science says, and we agree, “Adrenal RX is as good as gold. Your friends may have told you about this combination and suggested you try it. That is a good friend”. Adrenal RX is a specially curated formulation to address things that cause your body stress - which lets face it, are varied and abundant in this world. Here to pick you up when you’re down and fatigued, and to calm you down when you’re so anxious you might cry, Adrenal RX can be used for all varieties of stress to regulate the stress response and assist in recharging your body to keep you living at your best.

- Helps to regulate stress response and balance back out the hormonal levels of your body 

- Can help to reduce or relieve the symptoms of both stress and sleeplessness 

- Uses adaptogens, allowing adaptations to stress regardless of the direction of change (whether you’re down in the dumps or sky high in anxiety) 

- Works in a natural way, alongside your normal bodily functions and processes. 

Adrenal RX is a unique combination of herbs - carefully selected for their properties to assist your body to return to normal after stress. Stressful situations come wide and varied, and can affect individuals each in a very different way. Regardless of this, Adrenal RX by ATP is incredibly effective and proven when it comes to achieving this return to balance, regardless of the direction of change your stress causes. 

Your body’s stress response is very dependent and connected to the adrenal gland - which is responsible for both triggering our nervous response to stress (through the adrenal medulla), and releasing hormones to switch off our nervous response to stress (through the adrenal cortex). The nervous response we are talking about here is that ‘fight or flight’ reaction you’re probably familiar with - that keeps us awake and alert. While our body can always trigger this, the adrenal cortex, which instead regulates and switches this off, can lose its ability and effectiveness over time and increased stress. 

This is where Adrenal RX comes in - to assist in regulating, maintaining and restoring the adrenal function of the adrenal cortex and balance your stress system back out. Adrenal RX has a very direct effect on the adrenal gland - via the use of adaptogens. Adaptogens in Adrenal RX work by first reducing the stress signals to the adrenal medulla, regulating the nervous response to stress, and supporting the adrenal cortex to restore balance. Basically, this helps to reduce the peaks and troughs your nervous system is going through - so instead of dipping between anxiety and fatigue like a yoyo, you can remain at middle ground and give your adrenals a real chance to recover. 

As we mentioned above, Adrenal RX can be used by such a huge variety of people - anyone who feels they tend to be living life on triple speed, feeling like they’re burning the candle at both ends, or running a life on constant low charge. It has a varied list of benefits - all of which combine to provide a quality of life and a general wellbeing that are highly optimal. After all, the end result is the same - a healthier nervous response system, and restored and better functioning adrenals. Once the adrenal cortex is restored, healthy and working you can expect a number of benefits that help you feel and achieve your best day in and day out. Expect abundant energy during the day and deep refreshing sleeps at night.

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