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Amino Charged WPI + Brutal Pump Bundle


Made by the heroes at International Protein

What's included:

Brutal Pump

Brutal Pump by International Protein is a skin splitting, muscle swelling supplement. One of the most exciting pump formulas on the planet helps to: 

  • Boosts nitric oxide
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Fights fatigue

        Read more about Brutal Pump here...

        Amino Charged WPI

        Amino Charged WPI by International Protein is the premium standard of protein in the industry, every blend in the International Protein product range is quality tested and graded to give users the best possible chance to enhance performance. Take a look at the benefits of Amino Charged WPI:

        • Highest ratio of protein per serve on the market
        • Only essential additives
        • Rapid absorption formula

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