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ATP Science Alpha Woman Stack

$313.84 $229.95

Made by the heroes at ATP Science

What's included:


Nutrients deficiency is a common dilemma for some of us as we live in an extravagantly occupied world of fast food and all, we don’t get all the efficient amount of nutrients our body should have. Consequently, unable to get these important nutrients could be a trouble and can lead to a host of disorders. 

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        Cort RX

        Everybody experiences stress. There is no escaping it. Some people thrive and cope with the stress, while other suffer the effects of stress. Cort RX won’t eliminate your stress but it will help you cope with it.

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        Alpha Venus

        Alpha Venus is specifically formulated to combat the negative effects of oestrogen on the body. A clever system will balance the levels of oestrogen and have your body shedding fat in all the right areas:

        • Enhances mood
        • Combats excess oestrogen
        • Helps mobilise fat

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        Block E3

        Block E3 is one of our favourites from the transdermal range, purely because its so unique in function! The active ingredients work synergistically to tackle estrogen dominance at the site by blocking aromatase activity.

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