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Beta Alanine

$37.00 $24.99

Made by the heroes at ATP Science

Beta Alanine supplementation increases muscle carnosine better than taking carnosine itself. Muscle carnosine is an intramuscular acidity buffer and antioxidant. Beta Alanine increases stamina and endurance by buffering metabolic acid and waste as it is made. This means less muscle pain and greater muscle performance. Beta Alanine comes in a 250gm (200 serves) size.

During high intensity exercise, there is a greater reliance on ATP production from glycolysis and phosphagen systems resulting in an accumulation H+, which leads to exercise-induced metabolic acidosis. This acidity has been implicated as the cause of muscular fatigue and decreased muscle contractile function. By buffering exercise-induced acidity, muscle carnosine enhances performance. Especially in events with prolonged bouts of high intensity exercise.

Serving Suggestions

For best results take 1.2 grams with 50ml of water before, during or direatpctly after training. ATP Science's Beta Alanine is freely soluble in water. Warning: A common side effect of Beta Alanine is flushing or tingling/itching of the skin. As mentioned above, the sciencey name for it is paresthesia. It shouldn't last long!