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Calm Stress Support

$89.95 $79.95

Made by the heroes at BSc

Stress is a huge factor that can hold you back from your goals. Whether its get faster and stronger, losing weight, optimising your work-life performance or just feeling better day-to-day, a huge weight of stress on your system is bound to keep your body working against you. Calm Stress Support is an incredibly innovative product from the team in the BodyScience labs, designed to help you better find your calm and balance - so that in turn, your body can recover better, feel better and perform better. Utilising industry leading, unique ingredients such as Recoverben® and Bluenesse®, Calm Stress Support is the edge you need to get your body back to calm and thriving.

  • Calms the mind and soothes the nerves
  • Reduced symptoms of stress and mild anxiety
  • Supports muscle health and strength, whilst also aiding post-exercise recovery
  • Supports healthy emotional & mood balance
  • Can enhance mental and cognitive function, for better work-related performance

We pay a lot of attention to training hard, to being organised enough to get everything done, to eating well, to performing optimally. But we often don’t pay enough attention to giving back to our body and letting it recover. Especially the mental and nervous system recovery that is so important. We face a tonne of stress every day - and that’s inevitable. But what measures do you take to help you find your calm, reset your balance, and recover your mind and nerves?

Calm Stress Support was created to make finding balance again easier. Calm Stress Support is a unique supplement primarily designed to help you find your calm - through a combination of natural, effective ingredients. Together, those ingredients help to promote a calm and positive mood, support mental focus, concentration, memory and increase your ability to cope with stress.

The first innovative and super-important ingredient within Calm Stress Support is BodyScience’s patented ingredient, Recoverben®. Recoverben® has been proven by numerous clinical studies for its positive benefits in reducing muscle damage and strength loss after exhaustive, stress-inducing exercise. Therefore,  Recoverben® is responsible for helping to reduce physical stress stored within your body, and minimising the symptoms of such stress.

The next ultra-important ingredient, another patented one from BodyScience, is Bluenesse®. Bluenesse® was added to Calm Stress Support for its positive benefits as a stress support, and also as a cognitive performance enhancer. Bluenesse® has been proven within extensive human clinical trials for its benefits in supporting alertness and concentration, boosting mental focus, and maintaining a calm, positive mood. Bluenesse® is a powerhouse of an ingredient when it comes to benefits in increasing calm, and it makes sense why it’s such an important one within Calm Stress Support!

The ingredients list within Calm Stress Support doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find within every tablet of Calm Stress Support a dose of each Zizyphus, Kava, Vitamin B6 and Chromium. Zizyphus is a natural medicinal herb which supports a calm mind and clear cognitive function. Kava, an ancient plant extract, is known for its immediate calming effects on stress symptoms, and its ability to relive stress & nervous tension. Vitamin B6 plays a detrimental role in supporting nervous system health, and Chromium, similarly, uploads healthy insulin function and glucose metabolism within your body, to maintain more balanced energy levels.

It therefore becomes pretty evident that the formulation of Calm Stress Support is comprehensive, and geared towards every element of calm within your body - from mental, to physical, to emotional, to nervous.

Also important, is the fact that each of these ingredients is natural and clinically tested. Every ingredient within Calm Stress Support, alike much of the BodyScience range, is banned substance tested. Therefore, Calm Stress Support is suitable for athletes, the elitist and the amateurs alike, whilst also being an optimal supplement for absolutely anyone chasing a helping hand with coping with stress.

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