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Maxine's Ultimate Burn Bundle


Made by the heroes at Maxine's

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What's included:

Burn Protein

Are you looking for a winner when it comes to a fat burning protein? Then Maxine's Burn is the ideal supplement we've got for you. The new innovation of Maxine's is truly an amazing protein formula which is ultimately low in carbs, fats, and sugar.

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              Maxine's Night has an impressive Protein Blend containing WPC, Micellar Casein, and Calcium Caseinate. It provides a slow digesting protein source that releases amino acids to your muscles over a long period of time.

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                          XT Burn Energise

                          Maxine’s XT BURN ENERGISE is our next generation Fat Burning Pre Workout and Energy Extender specifically formulated for women who want maximum performance from their training or sport, and to develop a lean toned body.

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                          Maxine’s Recover (30 serves, Orange Sorbet) is an advanced All Day BCAA recovery formulation with added fat burners to help minimise muscle soreness and aid in the repairing of your body after workouts and physical activity.

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