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Muscle Pump & Gain Bundle


Made by the heroes at Mixed

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What's included:

Extreme Mass by International Protein 

Gain maximum amounts of muscle and body weight with International Protein Extreme Mass, each serving size giving out a whopping 42.5 grams of protein per serve. This protein will give you:

  • Energy-rich calorie source
  • High-quality protein
  • Superior amino quality

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            Brutal Pump by International Protein 

            Brutal Pump by International Protein is a skin splitting, muscle swelling supplement. One of the most exciting pump formulas on the planet helps to: 

            • Boosts nitric oxide
            • Enhances blood flow
            • Fights fatigue

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                  Crea-8 by EHPlabs

                  100% pure grade creatine monohydrate, laboratory tested and quality guaranteed to ensure no additives or fillers. Creatine monohydrate is perhaps the most understood and studied supplement in the world with proven benefits such as:

                  • Improve strength
                  • Improve muscle volume
                  • Helps restore ATP

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