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Brain Doctor

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Made by the heroes at Macro Mike

The role your brain plays in your performance really can’t be understated - both in training, under the pump at work, in social life, and in simply getting out of bed a happier and healthier human. Brain Fog, anxiety, moodiness, lack of energy, and unstable hormonal levels - how many of these sound familiar? Brain Doctor is here to address just that! Brain Doctor combines a number of all-natural yet super powerful nootropic ingredients to bring your brain health to its peak. Collectively Brain Doctor helps to boost your brain function, mood and productivity, but our overall immune health, organ function and wellbeing too. And with Brain Doctor finally on your side, you can truly start living your  best life.

Key Features

  • Assists with mental clarity to enhance focus and eliminate brain fog
  • Helps to regulate the nervous system to balance hormone levels and relieve anxiety and stress
  • Completely non-stimulant, but does help to enhance energy production to help you feel lighter, more awake and more energetic!
  • Formulated 100% naturally, allergen-friendly, and sweetened only with natural flavours!

We’ve all had those days (or weeks) where your brain just can’t seem to keep up. Those times where you feel the need to pump coffee after coffee into your body just to stay awake, alert, and able to work. But this isn’t quite the most sustainable nor the most beneficial method for your body and your brain. Just like the rest of your body - your brain health is vital to ensuring optimal brain function. And that’s what motivated the team at MacroMike to create Brain Doctor.

Benefits of Brain Doctor

Brain Doctor is a combination of natural nootropics - through medicinal mushrooms, herbs and adaptogens with powerful vitamins. This is an incredible unique and innovative formulation of ingredients to the sports nutrition industry - and we love just how much research and results goes into proving the worth and the importance of these ingredients in achieving the mental superpower benefits of Brain Doctor. Nootropics are brain boosting ingredients that help to enhance memory, sharpen focus and improve learning capabilities. However, these nootropic ingredients have also been proven to play a vital role in regulating the nervous system health too!

Therefore the benefits of Brain Doctor, due to its powerful nootropic formulation, are especially wide and holistic. First and foremost Brain Doctor helps to improve mental clarity - taking away the dreaded brain fog and difficulty in seeing straight through the day. Instead, you’ll feel like your brain is on fire - ready to perform at its best throughout every task of the day. You can also expect to see a marked lift in energy levels - and with your brain more focused and alert, your body is able to follow. This is due to Brain Doctor being absolutely packed with antioxidants and vitamins - which help to facilitate optimal conversion of food to energy, and boost energy production.

Brain Doctor’s role in regulation of the nervous system and assisting the synthesis of important brain neurotransmitters is the cause of the mood elevation, hormonal balance and boosted immune health and organ function too! Brain Doctor helps to bring your hormonal function controlled by the brain back to status quo - and hence, bring your body back to its best self! That means less of the stress and anxiety you’ve been battling, better control over your fatigue, and better chance of living with a holistically elevated wellbeing and health.

Best of all, in a world of over-stimulation, Brain Doctor remains completely stimulant-free. Brain Doctor contains absolutely no caffeine, and instead provides your body with a natural, non-stimulant nootropic elevation - giving you more energy, more focus and more alertness, without excessive intake of stimulants. What’s more, Brain Doctor is also very carefully formulated to keep all the bad guys away - no artificial preservatives, additives, sweeteners, or flavours. Instead, its 100% natural, easy on the gut, easy on the allergens, and easy on the body!

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